Homepage of Andrey Grigorev, v. 3.0 (Nov. 2007)

My interests

  • Linux
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Business Intelligence
  • Travelling
  • Tennis
  • IBM laptops - Thinkpad 600x, T20, T43p
  • Siemens cell phones (C55, S55, CX65, CX75)

Steps in carreer

Welcome to my homepage!

My photo of size 160x120

Hello everybody! Thanks for visiting my homepage. This is already the third version of it. The first two ones were much reacher and costed a lot of time - for me to maintain and update them and for my visitors to read and study them (most probably, that's why nobody visited them. :-( ). Later on I understood that no one needed it. Who cares where I was, what I studied and what I think about this or that issue? So, I just decided to make the third version shorter and more formal. Everyone can decide himself, what he/she is interested in. Questions are welcome, and I promise to answer them!
MoiKrug - ��������� ������

Description of the sections

To make the navigation easier, I give a short description of each section:

  • "My interests" - just a list of things, which I like and which are interesting for me.
  • "Steps in carreer" - really brief description of the places where I studied or worked.
  • "My blog" - link to my blog. It is updated more than unregulary, but this is the only place where I put my news.
  • "Photos" - my photos online.
  • "Contact" - page for those, who wnats to contact me directly.
  • "� усский" - a Russian version of this page

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